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School-based Health Center

School-based health centers make getting medical care for students as simple as walking down the hall! Staffed by a pediatric nurse practitioner or pediatrician, the School-based Health Center of the Bradshaw Institute for Community Children's Health & Advocacy is a medical clinic within your child's school that offers a range of health care services such as:
• On-site testing and treatment for illnesses such as strep throat and flu
• Screening for mental health and emotional issues
• Check-ups for chronic conditions, like asthma and ADHD
• Referrals to medical specialists and community resources

What are the advantages of school-based health centers?
• Your child will be seen by a specially trained pediatric provider.
• You don't have to take time off work to visit the doctor's office.
• Your child will spend less time out of the classroom and away from school.

For more information, ask your school nurse, visit or contact Melinda Lavallee-Turner, Manager at the Bradshaw Institute for
Community Child Health & Advocacy, at 864-454-2341.

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