Monday, September 26, 2016
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Congratulations, BMS Volleyball!
Berea Middle School's volleyball team dominated their second home game of the season! They beat Tanglewood Middle School 3 games to 0. Congratulations, ladies, and GREAT JOB! 

Update: Let's give a HUGE shout out to the Berea Middle Lady Bulldogs Volleyball Team, once again, on their 3-1 victory over Sevier Middle last night!
They are now 4-2 overall and 4-1 in their region! WAY TO GO, LADIES! 


Middle School 'Perfect Attendance' Criteria
From Our District Office: The definition of an absence at a Greenville County Middle School is missing more than one-half of any singular class period for which a student is enrolled, or multiple class periods for which a student is enrolled, during a school day. Absence in any part of the school day for a minimum of more than one-half class period, even if the student was present for all portions of that same school day, by definition excludes a student from being determined to have Perfect Attendance. 


Important Info: Sexuality Education 2016-2017
Dear Parent/Guardian:

A goal of Greenville County Schools is to provide parents/guardians with information to make decisions regarding the sexuality education of your child. Below you will find the dates when sexuality education will be taught at your child’s school and the date when the materials used for this program will be available for preview. Complete details of the district’s age appropriate, abstinence-based sexuality education curriculum can be found in the school’s media center. If you do not want your child to take the entire sexuality education class or a specific portion of the class, you must bring the signed exemption statement to the school in person. By School Board Policy and SC Comprehensive Health Education Law, students who exempt sexuality education will be required to complete other health-related self-study lessons.  

Estimados Padres/Tutores: La meta del Distrito Escolar de Greenville es entregar una información completa a los padres/tutores para que puedan tomar una decision conciente en lo relacionado a la educación sexual de su hijo/a. En este folleto se ecuentra información referente a cuando se enseñará las clases de educación sexual en la escuela de su hijo/a y cuando pueden revisar el contenido de los materiales de instrucción. Se encuentra detalles completos sobre el currículo que es la edad apropiada y basado en abstinencia sexual en la biblioteca de la escuela. Si usted no quiere que su hijo/aparticipe en parte o ninguna de las clases de educación sexual., debe entregar el formulario firmado en persona por los padres en la oficina de la escuela. De acuerdo a las leyes del Directorio General de las Escuelas y los Programas de Educación de la Salud del Estado,los estudiantes que sean eximidos de las clases de educación sexualdeberán estudiar otros tópicos relacionados con la salud. 

Parent Preview: 8/16/16 - 8/26/16 & 1/23/17 - 2/03/17
Instruction: 08/29/16 - 09/12/16 & 02/06/17 - 02/17/17

Do's & Dont's of Personalized Learning
This year students at ten Greenville County Schools will be given their own device for "personalized learning" -- including students at Berea Middle School!  The students will use their devices at school.

Students & Parents: Check out this fun little video, with the help of a local celebrity, that will help you learn how to care for your device. 

8th Grade Individual Graduation Plan Sign Up
Attention Read Me SignThe State of South Carolina requires that every 8th grader participate in an Individual Graduation Plan conference (IGP). Along with parents/guardians, every 8th grader at Berea Middle School will meet with a counselor to select a career cluster and discuss high school plans and high school graduation requirements.

Parents may sign up for the IGP Conference in one of three ways.


The conference will take place in the Counseling Office at your chosen date and time. If you do not select a date and time, an invitation will be generated and mailed to you. As the conference day approaches, our office staff will call parents to remind them of the meeting and send students home with a notice.