2023-2024 Student Parking

Driving to school is a privilege extended to students who meet the expectations outlined in the Woodmont High School Student Parking Policies. Failure to meet any of the expectations may result in the suspension, or loss of, your parking permit and driving privileges.

What is Required

All outstanding debt, including current year class dues must be paid before a parking permit will be issued.

Documents needed to obtain a parking permit:

o    Completed WHS Parking Application

o    Valid South Carolina driver’s license

o    Valid South Carolina vehicle registration

o    Current South Carolina vehicle insurance card

Application Process


You need to reviewing the Parking Policies and Parking Procedures before filling out the application!

Policies Procedures

Click to Apply

*The number listed on the parking pass is not an actual spot number, this number is just for tracking purposes.*

You will receive an email confirming that your form has been submitted.

The Application will be processed and the student will receive an email to their school email account with instructions for paying the parking permit fee OR that they have outstanding debt that must be cleared.  

Once payment for the permit has been processed by the bookkeeper, the student will receive an email with instructions for picking up their decal.  

Questions about this process should be directed to Christine Kellett (cpkellett@greenville.k12.sc.us)