NewTech@Mann Distinction


NewTech@Mann distinction is an additional honor given to graduates at graduation. In order for you to graduate with a NewTech@Mann distinction and medal (pictured to the right), you must complete the following criteria in addition to graduation requirements:

          40 hours of community service (total) - 10 hours per year.


Service Hours - 

Please know that students in NewTech@Mann are obligated to complete 40 service hours to graduate with NewTech@Mann distinction. If a typical senior spends four years in NewTech@Mann, they would be expected to show evidence of 40 service hours by graduation in order to qualify for distinction. These 40 hours can be done in any distribution of hours over years, so long as the expectation of 40 hours can be satisfied by graduation; the recommended 10 hours per year is only a suggestion. All service hours must be for work you did and were not paid nor compensated in any way. Also work must be for someone other than your parents/ immediate family. 

You can track your hours using the Service Hour Log. Please submit these to Mr. Mobley when completed.

Service Hour Log