About Monarch


Celebrating Inquiry, Innovation and Creativity

Monarch’s Mission and Purpose

Monarch supports and prepares the whole child by engaging students in real-world learning that encourages them to excel academically, celebrate diversity, express creativity, and develop leadership skills. 

Monarch’s Vision

Building inspired and prepared learners and leaders who are encouraged to discover and develop their unique talents and abilities. 

Statement of Beliefs

  • Student learning is the chief priority and that the child's educational program should be a shared responsibility involving the home, school, teacher, and student.
  • Curriculum must be flexible, challenging and ever changing so that each child will achieve success and satisfaction in life.
  • We are to provide an educational program that helps to develop the total child in the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor areas.
  • School should provide a safe environment and an educational program to meet the needs of each individual child so that he/she may be encouraged to function at his/her potential.
  • Each child should be provided with opportunities to establish himself/herself as an individual as well as opportunities to function as a member of a group. 
  • Educational experiences should enable students to learn to communicate effectively, solve problems competently, think critically and creatively, and act responsibly.
Monarch Elementary School

Curriculum Focus

The Monarch faculty has embraced the following curriculum focus, representing the skills that students will need in order to become productive, contributing members of society:

  • The integration of project-based learning and inquiry-based learning will assist in the development of independent thinkers that can creatively solve “real-world” problems;
  • Project-based and inquiry-based initiatives emphasize student questioning, critical thinking, problem solving, engagement with diverse information sources, and the development of deep knowledge and understanding;
  • Carefully designed teaching and learning initiatives will enable students to transform information into knowledge;
  • Rich, technological experiences will be crucial to the development of students as twenty-first century, intellectual agents;
  • Collaborative opportunities to discover will play a transformative role in the development of the student’s personal, social and cultural growth.