Thursday, October 27, 2016
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Upcoming Events

Monarch Matters

Hoop Shoot

Chorus Alumni

It's time to call back all our Monarch Chorus members from years past to participate in our December performance as a Monarch Mistletone! If you have a chorus student that is now in middle or high school that would like to participate, please fill out this quick survey and refer to Miss Bryan's website underneath the "Chorus" tab for the rehearsal schedule. It's Mistletone time!!   Take the survey!

Test Information for Parents of Second Graders

Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) and IOWA Assessments (IOWA)

Second graders will be taking the CogAT and Iowa from October 24th - 28th. The South Carolina Department of Education requires the administration, scoring, and reporting of a norm-referenced test system. The purpose is to help identify potential students for academically gifted and talented programs. CogAT is an ability test that predicts a student’s potential for academic success. IOWA is an achievement test which measures what the students actually know and are able to do.  These multiple choice tests are untimed but should be finished by 12:00 PM each day. To provide the most productive testing environment, parents and other volunteers are asked to come after testing is completed each day.

Read Your Way to the Big Game

Help your child qualify to win Palmetto Bowl tickets by participating in EOC’s 2016 Read Your Way to the Big Game contest. The contest will end on November 1, 2016.  Learn more...

Monarch Elementary is participating in a reading contest, Read  Your Way to the Big Game. It is a fun way to implement and practice reading skills as the students read for either USC Gamec
ocks or Clemson Tigers. The students have to read  at least 6 books on their reading level to be participants. They can read more than 6, and are encouraged to do so to do well in the contest. Every participant will get a bookmark at the beginning, and a certificate at the end of the contest. Students who participate will be entered into a drawing to win 4 tickets to the Palmetto Bowl game (USC vs. Clemson football) with pre-game activities and sideline passes. Since they have a small chance of winning that prize, the library will have prizes for an overall winner and grade-level winners at Monarc

School Visitor and Volunteer Guidelines
Greenville County Schools (GCS), in an effort to ensure the safety of all of our students, is implementing additional security checks for school volunteers.   Effective immediately, all volunteers must submit an application to the school and receive clearance from the district before interacting with children in the school or chaperoning any school field trip.  Learn more...


Kindergarten Orientation

  • A signed parent note or medical excuse must be given to the office any time your child is absent.
  • Any changes in transportation must be in writing and signed by the parent.  Emails or phone calls cannot be accepted.
  • Per Greenville County School District (GCSD) policy, early dismissals must be before 2:00 p.m
  • Money is receipted by teachers first thing in the morning.  All money must be turned in to teachers by 8:00 a.m.  The office cannot accept any money.
  • According to healthy school guidelines, no restaurant/fast food of any kind is allowed – healthy or not.
  • Forgotten lunches will be placed on a designated table in the cafeteria.  Students can pick them up on their way to lunch.
  • To protect instructional time, forgotten items, except glasses, will be placed in the teacher’s mailbox.
  • After afternoon dismissal, no students are allowed back into classrooms to retrieve anything they have forgotten after they have left the building.
  • Due to class interruption and missed instructional time, students are not allowed to attend sibling performances.
  • Dress code:  Proper shoes or sandals with straps must be worn at all times. For safety reasons, heels should be no more than ½ “ in height.  Flip flops are not permitted.  All shirts/dresses must have straps at least one inch wide.  Shorts and skirts must be at least fingertip length. 
  • To support healthy choices, birthday treats must be healthy, such as yogurt, fruit kebabs, pretzels, graham crackers, and whole-grain muffins.  Foods with high-sugar content will not be allowed.   Our Healthy Choices café provides a monthly birthday treat for all students.
  • For safety precautions, balloons are not allowed in the building.
  • Per GCSD policy, school personnel are not allowed to touch birthday party invitations.  A student can distribute invitations if all students in the class are invited.
  • The back entrance where car riders enter the building closes at 8:00 a.m.  Even if a parent is in the line, students are considered tardy if they aren’t in the building when the bell rings.
  • All Greenville County Schools locations now offer Universal Free Breakfast to all students, regardless of the student’s free and reduced meal status.  Paid student lunches are $2.40 and reduced student lunches are $0.40.  

Grades 1-5 New Student Orientation