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Reading All-Stars

Monday, February 3rd – Friday, March 6th
Students are challenged to read 5 books during the 5 weeks. Complete the reading log sent home with all students and return by March 9th. Check out this RAS video.


Parents may pre-register at any district elementary school or child development center. Children do not have to live in the school attendance area to pre-register at that location. Pre-registration does not guarantee enrollment in a GCS 4K program. Children selected for 4K programs must demonstrate academic/developmental needs and/or risk factors such as low family income and low parent education level. Screened children will be ranked district-wide and those most at-risk for school success will receive initial assignments.

Parents must present their child’s birth certificate, immunization certificate or religious exemption certificate, two proofs of residency (same as 5K) and photo ID.  For more information contact 864-452-0437.

English Video

Spanish Video


Parent Backpack Signup

Parents may now sign up for parent backpack which will be replacing parent portal. You will need your student's school ID number to add your student once you have enrolled as the parent. The link below will guide you through the process.

Parent Backpack Signup


All medication must be delivered to the School Nurse or other designated school employee by the student’s parent, legal guardian or a previously designated adult. It is against School District Policy for a student to carry ANY medication on their person without physician permission, parent permission and school district permission to self-administer and self-monitor (SC Law S144). All medication will be maintained in the health room. Medication required for field trips must be given to and administered by an employee of Greenville County Schools designated by the principal. There are separate permission forms for medications on field trips.
For your child’s safety please remember:
• ALL PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION must have written parental and physician authorization before medication can be administered at school. Form MED-1.
• All PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION must be administered as labeled and OTC medications may not exceed package directions.
• ALL PRESCRIPTION MEDCATION must be brought to school by a legal guardian or designated person over 18 years of age and given directly to the school nurse or designated school personnel.
• OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS may be provided by the parent if it is in a new - unopened container, clearly labeled with the student’s name and is accompanied by written parental permission. Form MED-3.
• Parents are responsible for knowing the expiration date of any medication brought to school and replacing medication before the expiration date. School Nurses will not administer any medication passed the expiration date.
• No medication containing ASPIRIN can be given at school without a doctor’s authorization. This includes but is not limited to Pepto Bismol, Excedrin, and some OTC cold medications.
• If your child forgets to take a morning dose of medication, school nurses are not allowed to give that dose at school. Parents may come to the Health Room to give the missed dose.


If you are interested in volunteering in the school or chaperoning on field trips please visit Greenville County School District's volunteer page to start the process.