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Ellen Woodside Elementary

H.E.L.P. Day

H.E.L.P. Day FlyerWe are excited to announce Ellen Woodside’s First Annual H.E.L.P day! Our staff, students and parents will gather to work together on Saturday, March 23, 2019. If you would like to volunteer for this project, please sign up in our school office or call 355-4900. Being actively involved in the beautification of our school will increase student morale and visually provide a sense of school and community pride. 

Donations Welcome!
If your would like to help, consider donating one or more of the items needed to make our H.E.L.P. day a success. Your donation will not only aide in the beautification of our school grounds but will also provide our students with lasting lessons on the importance of self-respect, environmental awareness, and community involvement. For more information on how you can help, or to confirm and schedule donation pick up, please contact Jennifer Deese, donation coordinator, at (864) 553-9678 or email Belleselect@gmail.com

Items Needed:
River Rock
Flowers (Beds and Containers)
Landscape Fabric
Lumber/Materials for Raised Garden Beds
Bottled Water
Cash/Check Donations
Lowes/Home Depot Gift Cards ($50 builds one 8x4 raised bed)