Title I Inventory


Title I Overview

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Title One Inventory is managed using a web-based platform called Lawson. Therefore your first step in managing your Title I assets is to access Lawson. Title I Facilitators (TIFs) and Fixed Asset Coordinators (FACs) at each school should have access to this online program. It is accessible through the GCS network, but if you need to access Lawson at home, you must have Global Protect VPN running on your computer.

The video, to the left, is an overview of Title One inventory. It may be helpful to review the Fixed Assets Manual.

Title I Searching Items

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Searching Items

When using Lawson, the main way TIFs will search for item information is with the Asset Number. If an item's asset number is known, Lawson can provide additional details. If the item's asset number is unknown, the serial number will be helpful. Search screens within Lawson will provide additional details about items.

The video, to the left, provides details on searching for items, search screens within Lawson. We've also created a guide for you to reference .

Title I Updating Lawson

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Updating Lawson

As a TIF, you are required to ensure all room locations for Title I items are correctly entered into Lawson. When new items arrive at your school, it is imperative that you update the room number in Lawson. When items change rooms within your school, you must update this information in Lawson. Keeping room locations updated within Lawson will ensure a smooth Title I inventory process each fall.

There are times when the information about an item in Lawson is incorrect. You may need to make changes to either the serial number, item description, or the model number of an item. Sometimes a serial number is entered incorrectly, and it needs to be changed within Lawson. Sometimes an item description is not accurate, and also needs to be changed. Use the following directions to make these changes.

Along with the video, to the left, you may find it helpful to use this reference guide when updating items in Lawson.

Title I Reports

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Although no longer necessary, some TIFs may find it helpful to pull reports from Lawson. Should you need to do this, the video to the left provides detailed instructions.

Title I Resources


Below you will find link to tutorials and forms that will help with Title One Inventory.

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