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Student Assignment Proposal Released

Fountain Inn High to Relieve Overcrowding at Mauldin and Hillcrest High Schools

Greenville County Schools continues to experience student population growth in the Golden Strip area of the district. GCS has planned for this growth with the goal of decreasing the student population at our two largest high schools, Hillcrest High and Mauldin High Schools, and constructing the new Fountain Inn High School. This construction project was planned to shift student populations among the three schools.

Student Assignment Proposal

Students currently attending Hillcrest or Mauldin High Schools will not be impacted. Fountain Inn High School will open with 9th grade in 2021, adding a grade each year, with all four grades, 9th through 12th, attending in the 2024-25 school year. Students currently in 7th grade will be 9th grade students the year Fountain Inn High opens.

Families of students that have another student at Hillcrest or Mauldin High School will have the option of their rising 9th grade student for the 2021-22 school attending with their older sibling.

Construction Crews Blasting Rock at FIHS site

How Will FIHS Choose its Mascot and School Colors?

Rudolph Gordon 7th grade students have the opportunity to participate in the School Mascot Challenge for Fountain Inn High School. We will be kicking off this challenge in September. Students will be providing feedback on current school mascot designs and colors choices as well as designing an additional mascot option. They will be planning activities to gather feedback from 6th and 7th graders zoned for FIHS at Bryson Middle and Rudolph Gordon Middle, the community of Fountain Inn, and district leadership teams. Students will analyze all the feedback gathered from these groups. They will then design a presentation to document the process and report the results. Our goal is for a mascot and colors to be finalized for Fountain Inn High School by December 2019.

Fountain Inn High Principal Builds Community Relationships

Former Clinton High Principal Housed at Rudolph Gordon School

Fountain Inn High Principal Maureen Tiller jokes that she is a “hobo principal.” Tiller says, “Right now I have no building, no staff, no students and no budget.” While FIHS is under construction Tiller’s office is located at Rudolph Gordon School. Tiller is building relationships with students and the community.

Construction Underway on Fountain Inn High School

School to Open to Freshmen in August of 2021

The future Fountain Inn High School is under construction along Quillen Avenue. Principal Maureen Tiller visits the site twice daily to check on progress. Watch to see an aerial view of the site and learn more about the proposed layout.

Architectural Drawings for Fountain Inn High School Unveiled

Fountain Inn High School will be built for 1000 students and expanded to house 2000 students. The school will offer traditional high school classes including advanced placement and college level courses. Additionally it will house an institute for automation and engineering. 

Future Fountain Inn High School Renderings

The NEW Fountain Inn High School

The new school is slated to open in 2021. Come back regularly for additional information.