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What is a Freshman Academy?

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The purpose of the Woodmont High School Freshman Academy is to reduce the ninth grade dropout and failure rates. Nationwide, results show that the dropout and failure rates among ninth graders are severely high. The failure or success of a student's ninth grade year usually determines if he or she will graduate from high school.

Freshman Academy Fast Facts

Freshman Academy Goals

  1. Providing structure to freshmen as they adjust to their new surroundings.
  2. Teachers will get to know their students better.
  3. Students will feel a greater sense of belonging to our school.
  4. Research shows that attendance for freshmen improves.
  5. Communication regarding students both within school and to home will increase.
  6. With more focus on freshmen needs within the school, behavior problems decrease.
  7. Teachers will have common planning times so they can communicate lesson plans and concerns relating to various students.
  8. With common planning, a meeting with a student and/or parents can be made to meet with the academy teachers.