About Satellite Diploma Program


The Satellite Diploma Program is an adult education program that meets at the 4 Career Centers connected to Greenville County Schools. Students are required to attend for a minimum of 8 hours each week, set a schedule (based on work schedules, home responsibilities, etc.), and follow that schedule. Students are required to show progress in order to remain in the program. Facilitators help keep students on track and on target for success. 

Learning Environment

Each site is a small learning environment with each class consisting of only 25 students. The total capacity of the program is 400 students at a time. The small learning environment at each center allows students to learn at their own pace away from the distractions of a traditional high school.  

The Satellite Diploma Program, housed at the district’s four career centers, serves students who are 17-21 years of age and struggling in traditional high school. The program is provided online with teachers available to tutor and support students. Students and parents interested in the program should contact their school principal or school counselor for more information.

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Contact Information

Dr. Kathie Greer
Director of Alternative Programs

Dr. Charlotte McDavid
Executive Director of Academic Innovation and Technology
(864) 533-4143 

Dr. Stephanie Yarbrough
Program Administrator, Satellite Diploma Program
(864) 867-8889