WorkKeys Testing Information

For more information call 864-355-6088 or 355-6059

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The WorkKeys test is given at 8:15 on Friday, except during the summer hours. Check the schedule below for testing dates.

Where: Lifelong Learning, Sullivan Center, 206 Wilkins Street, Greenville, SC 29605

Cost: Tests are $50 for all three or $20 for a single test. Retests cost $20 per test. The Business Writing test is $25.


Call 864-355-6088 for registration information.  All registrations must be in by the Thursday before the review class begins.


Registration Form: make sure that you include the class dates and testing dates you require.

Registration must be in by the Thursday before the class.

Register early—classes will fill quickly.

No registration on the first day of class or the testing day.

Class and Testing Schedule:

2019 Test Dates and Times


WorkKeys® Information for Students

Taking WorkKeys tests is an important first step to prepare for education, training, or a career after high school. WorkKeys scores help you compare your skills to the skills real jobs require.

Taking WorkKeys? Check out these test-taking tips:

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles - FreeDigitalPhotos.netPace yourself. WorkKeys tests are timed, so it is important to pace yourself. Don't spend too much time on one problem or section; go on to the other questions and come back if there is time.

Listen to and read the directions for each test carefully. These tests ask for the best answer — it is important to keep this in mind when answering the questions.

You may want to work out the answer you feel is correct and look for it among the choices given. If your answer is not among the choices provided, reread the question and consider all of the answer choices again to find the best one.

Image courtesy of sixninepixels - FreeDigitalPhotos.netRead each question carefully. It is important that you understand what each question asks. Some questions will require you to go through several steps to find the best answer, while others can be answered more quickly.

Answer the easy questions first. For difficult questions, eliminate answers you know aren't right, then make an educated guess.

If you are still stuck, compare the answer choices to each other and note how they differ. This might provide clues about what the question requires.

Answer every question, since there is no penalty for guessing.

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic - FreeDigitalPhotos.netReview your work. If you have time, after you've answered every question on a test, go back and check your work. The test is on a computer. You will get the results as soon as you finish the test. You will not be allowed to go back to mark answers on that test after time has been called.


Taken WorkKeys and Need a Copy of Your Scores?