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Sarah Derrer
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Julie Florin
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Fine Arts Department Information

The Greenville Senior High School Fine Arts Program offers many opportunities for our students to become involved.  From the Chorus Room to the Auditorium to the Art Room, you will find our students enjoying and creating beautiful music, lively drama, and exciting art pieces.


Symphonic Band 1, 2 and Symphonic Band 3,4 Honors


The Greenville High School Symphonic Band has earned a reputation as one of the best bands in the district. It is comprised of the most advanced musicians in the band program and performs literature of the highest quality, with the ensemble’s approach to music making modeled after the leading collegiate wind bands. The Symphonic Band has performed in such unique and prestigious places as Busch Gardens, Virginia, Walt Disney World, Carowinds, SCBDA Concert Festivals, The Greenville Drive, and many local events as well.  The band consistently performs with the orchestra and the top students are selected to perform with the Chamber Orchestra. The Symphonic Band represents every background, academic pursuit, and scope of the diverse student body at Greenville High School.

Jazz Band 1,2 and Jazz Band 3,4 Honors

Jazz Band is our percussion and color guard class.  We have students that are involved in Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Percussion Ensemble, Full Orchestra, Chamber orchestra, Indoor Percussion, and Winter Guard.  This class represents many different areas of the band program as a whole.  Students have the unique opportunity to have a lot of individual attention, and still be involved in the band and orchestra as a whole as well.

Guitar 1 and 2

Guitar 1 class is a comprehensive course where proper technique is always stressed with the intent that each student can successfully play any music that interest them now or in the future.   Reading music is mandatory as it opens the written history of music to our students which then allows them to play music from any period in history.   Music theory is studied and allows the student to understand the musical process.  Music history as it pertains to modern guitar is also covered where the people who were instrumental in developing the instrument's role in popular music are studied .  At the end of the first year, students will have been introduced to scales, intervals (melodic and harmonic) and chords.   Using these concepts our students will be able to play simple pieces to include duets, chord solos, and ensemble works and understand how they work, musically.  We play traditional folk songs, classical music from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods, and of course ROCK AND ROLL.  Each student is given different classic rock tunes which include, Smoke on the Water, Dream On, and Born to be Wild.  These tunes reinforce the skills that are taught in class.  The most important role for the student is to practice what we do in class at least 20 MINUTES A DAY or more.   This insures success for all students.

Guitar 2 classes continue the process of creating a functional guitarist by introducing more complex concepts such as triplets, sixteenth note rhythms and different major/minor scales and their accompanying chords.  We start developing the ability to play in position which takes us up the neck to the high register of the guitar.  By the end of the second year, students will have the ability to figure out most music they will be asked to play.  This gives the student background to perform in a guitar ensemble should they desire.



The Greenville High School Orchestra is one of the premier performance groups of Greenville High. Classes are offered on the regular and honors levels. Prior experience on a string instrument is required to register for the course.

In addition to a Fall Fantasy Concert with other area schools, a holiday and spring concert, the orchestra performs at a variety of school and community functions. In the spring of each year the orchestra travels to a fantastic location such as Disney World, Universal Studios, Los Angeles or to the Caribbean on a cruise to participate in an adjudicated music festival.

Members of the Greenville High Orchestra have been selected for both Region and State Honors orchestras throughout the past four years.. Many Greenville High Orchestra members have graduated to the university level where they now perform, many on scholarship


Theatre I
Course Description: This foundational class is designed for students with little or no theatre experience that promotes enjoyment and appreciation for all aspects of theatre. Most of class work consists of exploration of theatre literature, performance, historical and cultural connections, and technical requirements. Improvisation, playwriting, and beginning scene work are used to introduce students to acting and character development. Incorporation of other art forms in theatre also helps students gain appreciation for other art forms. Theatre I provides opportunities for students to develop skills in critical listening and thinking, as well as stage presence, ensemble work, and aesthetic awareness culminating in periodic classroom and/or public performances. Through the exploration of Theatre, students learn group and self-assessment skills, problem-solving skills, how to make connections with culture, history, and literature, public speaking, and other important skills that will help assist students after high school. Students may also audition for the fall and/or spring show which will help assist to their understanding of the class.


Theatre II

Course Description: This is an intermediate-level class, designed for students with a year of experience or more, promotes enjoyment and appreciation for all aspects of theatre through opportunities to build significantly on existing skills. Class work focuses on characterization, playwriting, and playwrights’ contributions to theatre; while improvisation, creative dramatics, and scene work are used to help students challenge and strengthen their acting skills and explore the technical aspect of scene work. As students gain skills and experience, they explore the relationships among technology, theatre and other art forms. Theatre II provides opportunities for students to strengthen skills in critical listening and thinking, as well as stage presence, ensemble work, and public speaking. Through the exploration of Theatre, students will continue to grow in group and self-assessment skills, problem-solving skills, how to make connections with culture, history, and literature, public speaking, and other important skills that will help assist students after high school. Students may also audition for the fall and/or spring show which will help assist to their understanding of the class.



The Greenville High School Chorus is a large choral group with goals of performing in concert and competition. Students who are taking chorus for the fourth time will receive honors credit. No prior experience is required.

Students will perform in a Winter Concert and a Spring Concert. Select students will have the opportunity to sing in the District Honors Choir. There will be various local performances throughout the year with the possibility of attending state competitions.


Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation is an introductory class which provides a basic understanding of the mechanics, origins, and various purposes of music. There are no prerequisites required.  Students will participate in listening-based activities and create projects to demonstrate their knowledge.


ART 1 

Art I is an introductory course that provides students with problem-solving experiences in two and three dimensional media, stressing design elements (line, shape, form, value, color, space, and texture) and design principles (proportion, emphasis, harmony, balance, rhythm, movement, contrast, repetition, and variety).

Each unit is based on the four components of DBAE (discipline based art education). They are historical and cultural heritage, aesthetic perception, aesthetic valuing, and creative expression (production). Each unit will begin with the study of a period of art history and a focus on one or more of the elements or principles of art. Students will then do project based on what they have learned. Each unit will end with a critique of student artwork by students.

Advanced Art

Art II is a class that provides students with two and three-dimensional design experiences and opportunities to apply these principles in individual artistic expressions. Drawing from observation and developing technical competency are emphasized. Students maintain a sketchbook of outside drawings and a portfolio. Class critiques are utilized in helping provide students with information about their own art work.

Art III is an advanced level course for in-depth approaches to solving design problems. Emphasis is on the individual development of craftsmanship and personal expression. Advanced approaches to drawing are stressed.

Digital Art 4

In the course, students will be introduced to the discipline of digital arts through the exploration of Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. We will learn about digital artists of our time, artists of the past, and ourselves as artists. The art that the students create will be two- dimensional and entirely created on the computer. There will be opportunities for students to expand their creativity and push their minds to the limit. Students will create self-portraits, digital photographs, logos, advertisements, and more in my class.