Public Participation in Board Meetings During COVID-19 Pandemic

Consistent with Board Policy KCA, the Board of Trustees has created a temporary alternative for public participation during the Governor’s current State of Emergency and any subsequent State of Emergency pertaining to the COVID-19 Pandemic that will allow the public to communicate their comments while also adhering to safety and health precautions and legal requirements.

A. Process for the Public to Submit Comments

  1. Members of the Public are to submit their comments electronically by clicking the “Submit Public Comments” button on this page.
  2. The electronic submission must contain the name of the person submitting the comments and the address and phone number of that individual giving the District the ability to verify the sender if needed.
  3. The comments must adhere to applicable General Rules contained in Section III in Board Policy KCA.*
  4. The comments must be received by the District no later than 24 hours before the board meeting.

B. Process for the Board of Trustees to Accept Comments  

  1. The Board’s Leadership Team will review the submitted comments to ensure the comments are in compliance with these procedures and Board Policy KCA.
  2. If the submitted comments do not meet the requirements, the individual who submitted the comments will be provided, to the extent reasonably possible, time to correct any deficiency.  If the submitted comments meet the requirements, those comments will be entered into the record as part of the consent agenda.
  3. The Board will vote to adopt those comments as part of the consent agenda and to include the comments as part of the official minutes of the board meeting.
  4. The comments, with the individual’s address, email, and phone number removed, will be entered into the minutes.

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*Board Policy KCA, Section III

III.  General Rules for Board and Committee Appearances

  1. Persons not registering to appear under the procedures set forth herein will be allowed to participate only with the unanimous consent of the members present and only when their presentation pertains to an item under discussion.
  2. Speakers may not ask questions of individual board members and board members may not engage the speakers in discussion.
  3. Abusive language or personal attacks aimed at students or district staff members will not be permitted.  The chairman will rule either out of order and may require the speaker to relinquish the floor as a result of engaging in either.
  4. No speaker may engage in disorderly or disruptive conduct nor direct any scurrilous, obscene, or recklessly defamatory language at any Board member.  The chairman will rule such conduct out of order and may require the speaker to relinquish the floor as a result of engaging in it.
  5. Action or discussion generated as a result of a speaker will be handled at the appropriate time on the agenda, at a later meeting, or at the chairman's direction.
  6. The superintendent will designate an administrator to follow up on matters that speakers raise in their presentations.  The designee will ensure that an appropriate response is provided to each speaker, and the superintendent will supply monthly to each Board member a report of any follow-up activity.
  7. No presentation by a speaker will exceed three minutes.

Comments are currently not being accepted until further notice. Information will be provided before the next board meeting in August.

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