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SC High School Diploma Requirements

The SC General Assembly has established the requirement for a high school diploma in South Carolina at 24 credits. Students who complete the required courses, but fail the Exit Exam, will receive a certificate instead of a diploma.

A student must earn a total of 24 units of credit distributed as follows:

Requirements for a SC High School DiplomaEnglish/Language Arts 4 Units
U.S. History and Constitution 1 Unit
Economics (1/2 Unit), Government (1/2 Unit) 1 Unit
Other Social Studies 1 Unit
Mathematics 4 Units
Science 3 Units
Physical Education or ROTC 1 Unit
Computer Science (Including Keyboarding) 1 Unit
Foreign Language or Occupational Education 1 Unit
Electives 7 Units

To meet the diploma requirements for students in a college preparatory program, one unit must be earned in a foreign language; and for students in a technology preparation program, one occupational unit must be earned.

To meet the program completer requirements for students in a college preparatory program, two units must be earned in a foreign language; and to meet program completer requirements for students in a tech prep program, four occupational units of instruction must be earned.

Complete a study and pass an examination on the provision and principles of the United States Constitution and American institutions and ideals. This instruction shall be given for a period of at least one year with the required U.S. History course. (Section 59-29-10, S.C. Code of Laws, 1976, as amended.)

Students must attend the accredited high school issuing the diploma for at least the semester immediately preceding graduation.

Students must demonstrate proficiency in computer literacy before graduation.

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