MHS Student & Parent Handbook
Alma Mater
Official Seal
Student Use of Computers
Student Government

Alma Mata

by Sarah Cooper

In the golden heart of gentle foothills
Stands Mauldin High School lighting our way
to life and learning. . .

Our Alma Mater leads each day!
Mauldin, O Mauldin High,
We lift our praises unto you.
Ours to build, to honor, love
Ours to pledge with faith anew.
In the golden days of Mauldin High School
May love and peace bind heart to heart
And reap a spirit . . .

Ours to hold as we depart.
Mauldin, O Mauldin High,
We lift our praises unto you.
Ours to build, to honor, love
Ours to pledge with faith anew.

Official Seal

The Official Seal of Mauldin High School is enclosed by ribbons in the school colors of orange and white. The motto AGE QUOD ADIS means finish what you attempt. The original founding date is 1927 - the new founding date is 1973. A Maverick head is the school mascot. The shield is divided into four parts: the American flag symbolizes Freedom; the open book symbolizes knowledge and wisdom (SAPERE AUDE - dare to be wise); the magnolia symbolizes abundance and natural beauty; and the white clouds in a blue sky symbolize a serene community, free of pollution and congestion, while the spire with cross symbolizes character.



The administration, faculty, and staff of Mauldin High School, in conjunction with the students, their families, and the community, shall provide every student the opportunity, challenge, and support to realize his or her educational potential and the ability to assume a productive role in a democratic society.

We Believe:

  1. Students learn in different ways and should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches to support their learning.
  2. Students learn best when they have appropriate opportunities for success.
  3. Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.
  4. Exceptional students (e.g., special education, limited English proficiency, talented and gifted, etc.) require special services and resources.
    Cultural diversity can increase students’ understanding of different peoples and cultures.
  5. Teachers, administrators, parents, and the community share the responsibility for advancing the schools mission.
  6. Schools need to function as a learning organization and promote opportunities for all those who have a stake in the success of the school to work together as a community of learners.
  7. The commitment to continuous improvement is imperative if our school is going to enable students to become confident, self-directed, lifelong learners.

The student will:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to gather and use information to solve problems.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to work independently and with others.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in basic academic skills and be able to apply them in everyday life.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to set goals and to develop plans for achieving them.
  5. Develop an awareness of the diversity of other cultures and demonstrate respect toward all students, teachers, and members of the community.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to reason logically and think creatively and critically.

Student Use of Computers

Student Acceptable Use Policy Agreement

Greenville County Schools has developed a computer network that connects all schools to each other, the District Office, and the Internet. Additionally, students use this network to access school card catalogs in the media center. "Acceptable use" of this network is use that is consistent with the instructional goals of the District. Electronic teaching and learning tools and online access are designed to support student education. The District takes precautions by using filtering software to keep inappropriate Internet sites out of the classroom. Internet filters are not a substitute for educators diligently monitoring students’ computer and Internet use. Students will be appropriately monitored to ensure that they are complying with the school’s acceptable use policy (AUP) and other school rules. If you, the student, break "acceptable use" rules, you may lose the privilege to use both classroom computers and/or the Internet. Further disciplinary and/or legal action may be taken at the discretion of the school administration.

  • Treat computer equipment with care and respect – Willful destruction of any computer equipment or software will be considered vandalism, and may warrant the involvement of local law officials.
  • Any written text, graphics or executable files created, downloaded, displayed, or exchanged with another student or teacher must be education-related and not offensive in any way.
  • Do not use school computers for illegal activities such as planting viruses or hacking.
  • Do not use school computers for commercial purposes.
  • Follow copyright laws at all times – See District copyright policies for more information. If you have questions about the legality of using software, text, graphics, or music you find online, ask your teacher or media specialist for guidance.
  • Keep your password secret – You will be held responsible for all computer activities associated with your password. For example, if you share your password with your friend and he/she signs on as you and breaks one of the rules outlined above, you may be held responsible.
  • All online communication must be polite and not threatening or offensive in any way – The District has the right to review any email sent or received using District equipment. Remember that even if you delete the email, there is a record of its content on file at the District.
  • Do not give out personal information on the Internet. Never give out your phone number, social security number, full name, age, home address, or any other personal information

Student Government


Newspaper - The Round-Up is our publication written and published by members of the student body under the direction of a faculty advisor.

Yearbook - Reflections is the Mauldin High School yearbook. A record of student life and school activities is presented in both photos and print. This publication is supported by subscribers and advertisements from local businesses.

Samuel’s Torch - Samuel’s Torch is the student body art and literature magazine. It is published once each year. The publication showcases students’ art, photography, poetry, and short stories. Announcements will be made informing all students how they may submit their work.

WMHS - WMHS is a student-produced, directed, reported, filmed, and anchored in-house news and sports broadcast. Students learn video technology and broadcast reporting. WMHS productions are also broadcast to the community via our local cable access channel.

Web Site - The school web site is located at The web site contains the latest school news, academic requirements, school polices, and contact information.

The Stampede – The Stampede is our weekly electronic newsletter made available via e-mail.  For information on how to receive The Stampede, visit our web site at