GED Basic Skills Classes

Have you been out of school for awhile and want to brush up on your basic skills in order to get that new job or promotion? We offer basic skills classes in the following subjects: Math, Language Arts, Reading, and Writing. Our caring qualified instructors understand your fear of going back to school, and are there to help you achieve your dreams and be a success!

Daytime Programs Registration and Testing
Sullivan Center, 206 Wilkins Street

For more information, call 864-355-6088.


GED and High School Diploma Registration

The GED Testing Service recently recalculated the passing rate for the GED Test in all subjects. The new passing score is 145 instead of 150. If you have taken the test and passed any part of the GED Test with a score of 145 to 149, you have now passed that test. If you have passed one or more tests, please get busy and study on the other subjects, retake the GED Ready in that test, and try again if your scores show you are ready to retake the real test.

Sullivan Center and Brashier Programs

Registration times for DAY GED & Diploma:

March 12th and 13th

April 2nd and 3rd

Registration Time: 8:45 AM

Must be present both days to complete registration


The dates to register are below. Payment of fees is cash only and all fees must be paid in full before starting classes. Everyone pays a $40 registration fee once a year.

GED Information:
GED class fee is $80 for each semester. The GED registration, orientation, and TABE testing takes two mornings. Be prepared to stay from 8:45 - 12:00 both days

High School Units Information:
Students take one unit at a time. A student must have earned 16 units to be able to enroll. Registration and orientation will take two mornings. Fees are $80 per unit.


 Registration times for Evening - GED Students:

Every Tuesday

4:00 pm

Slater Foothills GED Classes


Fees- $40.00 registration/testing fee and $60.00 GED per semester - Slater, Day program