Downloading Assignments from Google Classroom

An Internet connection is required for full access to Google Classroom. However, files posted within
Google Classroom are available when not connected to the Internet.

Follow these steps tp access and edit these files.: 

Accediendo a Google Classroom  Archivos y sitios web sin conexión 

Hot Spot Student Device Call-In Instructions/Problem Solving

1.    Have your device in-hand with any paperwork provided by your school

2.    Dial 1-800-922-0204 for Verizon Technical Support

3.    When the automated system asks for a phone number, dial 843-653-0161 to ensure proper routing

4.    If asked for an account password or PIN, press 0 then # (Please note you may have to perform this action multiple times)

5.    Once connected with a specialist provide them with the IMEI of your device. This will confirm the representative is troubleshooting the correct device

a.    To find your IMEI number of your device, remove the battery cover and the battery

b.    Look for a sticker with several barcodes

c.    Locate the IMEI and read  off the 15-digit number (Usually starts with 35)