2023-24 Profile*

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Roper Mountain Science Center

402 Roper Mountain Rd.
Greenville , SC 29615
Telephone: (864) 355-8900
Fax: (864) 355-8948

Grades: K-12

Enrollment: School Services Attendance - 84,344 • Public Services Attendance - 52,522 • Total Attendance - 136,866

School Location: Off 1-385 (exit #37) at Roper Mountain Road

School/Center Directions

Principal: Michael Weeks, Director
Email: mweeks@greenville.k12.sc.us

Awards and Honors

The Center provides lessons in support of the educational objectives of the State Curriculum Standards. Most are interactive in design and utilize the Center’s unique facilities and equipment. Roper Mountain are CILC Pinnacle Award winners for their Virtual Field Trips.

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