Academic Support for Visual and Performing Arts

Overview of Arts Education

In Greenville County Schools, we believe that the arts, including dance, music, theatre arts, and visual arts, are forms of understanding and ways of learning that are fundamentally important to education. The district’s Education Plan, provides strategies for development and implementation of arts standards and initiatives, ensuring quality arts programs.

All Greenville County Schools provide arts courses and opportunities for students. Over 250 arts teachers, certified in their arts area, provide instruction in dance, theatre arts, general music, strings, band, chorus, and visual arts. All elementary schools provide related arts classes in music and visual arts. All middle and high schools provide a variety of arts instruction. Arts instruction is guided by the Greenville County Schools Arts Curriculum Standards, in alignment with the South Carolina Visual and Performing Arts Curriculum Standards and the National Standards for Arts Education.

Why Study the Arts?

Visual Arts ProgramIn Greenville County Schools, we believe that the arts are profound ways of knowing and communicating about one’s world. They provide creative solutions to problems where standard, approved answers do not exist. The arts draw upon a range of instructional styles that meets the diverse learning needs of all students.

By teaching in and through the arts, we increase the potential of every student and complement learning in other disciplines. The arts are vital in building understanding between and among cultures, past and present. The arts teach tolerance and celebrate diversity in a shrinking world. They elevate our consciousness and are indispensable to the freedom of inquiry and expression.

The arts contribute to the culture and community of the school. Performances and exhibitions provide students with a sense of achievement. Many of our students participate in school, regional, state, and national arts events.

Our school system is fortunate to be located in a culturally active, diverse community. Partnerships between the visual and performing arts department and community arts organizations allow visiting artists the opportunity to share their expertise and experience in the classroom. Students participate in field trips, on-site endeavors, and workshops provided by local artists and arts organizations.

Schools With an Arts Focus

Within Greenville County Schools are two Select Schools, or magnet academies of accelerated learning, in the arts. At the elementary level, Stone Academy of Communication Arts offers a rigorous scholastic curriculum enriched by instruction in art, music, drama, dance, and physical education. At the middle school level, League Academy of Communication Arts offers a rigorous academic program designed to provide a challenging curriculum for all students by incorporating the arts as powerful tools to connect and enrich all areas of learning.

At the high school level, the Fine Arts Center, the first specialized arts school in South Carolina, provides advanced comprehensive arts instruction to students who are artistically talented and who wish to take an intensive pre-professional program of study.

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