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Awards Ceremonies
May 27

May 29
June 1
June 2
June 3 In order for the custodial staff to have time to clean the cafeteria, doors will open 15 minutes prior to the start of the ceremonies.  


Student Speakers at School Events

The School District of Greenville County is committed to maintaining an educational environment in which students of all backgrounds, beliefs and religions are welcome and treated with equal dignity and respect.  The District will neither advance nor inhibit religion.  In accord with the United States Constitution, the District protects private expression, including religious expression, by individual students as long as that expression does not create a disruption to or interfere with the educational environment. 

Student speakers at school-sponsored activities, including graduations, may not be selected on a basis that either favors or disfavors religious speech.  Where student speakers are selected on the basis of genuinely neutral, evenhanded criteria and retain primary control over the content of their expression, that expression is not attributable to the school and therefore may not be restricted because of its religious or secular content.  In contrast, where school officials determine or substantially control the content of what is expressed, such speech is attributable to the school and may not include prayer or religious content.  A school, however, may prevent or remove a speaker if the content of their speech is obscene, contrary to the District’s behavior code or substantially disruptive to the school environment.

Public Education Partners

Over 17,500 elementary school students attending 28 targeted schools will have their summers brightened as Public Education Partners (PEP) celebrates the donation of 210,000 books and kicks off the third annualMake Summer Count reading campaign.

Each child will receive 10 free books as part of PEP’s Early Grades Reading Initiative, which is a collaborative effort with Greenville County Schools on its district-wide implementation of Balanced Literacy.

Students at each targeted school are visiting Book Fairs over the next few weeks to make their own choices about the books they want to read. 
Visit www.pepgc.org for more information about Make Summer Count and other PEP initiatives. 

Greenville County Progress Report

Summer Reading Program

Join us for the summer reading program sponsored by the Lake Forest Elementary Media Center. The summer reading program runs from June 8- August 17, 2015.  The reading goal is to read for a total of 12 hours. 


Pennies for Playground
Next week, National Honor Society and Jr. Beta club members will kick off their “Pennies for Playground” fundraiser. They will be collecting pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and even dollar bills in the morning and afternoon car line, Tuesday through Friday. Please donate so we can finish our Lake Forest playground!

2015-2015 School District Calendar

PTA Reflection Winners

Visual Art (Intermediate Level)
1st Place: Joshua Reyes
2nd Place: Amber Altier
3rd Place: Caleb Reyes
Visual Arts (Primary Level)
1st Place: Jillian Otovick
2nd Place: Trang Nguyenk
3rd Place: Rebecca Hill
Literature (Intermediate Level)
1st Place: Brooks Schemm
Literature (Primary Level)
1st Place: William Austin
Literature (Special Artist)
1st Place: Mallory Caudayre
Photography (Intermediate Level)
1st Place: Hudson Respass