Friday, November 28, 2014
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Upcoming Events


PTA- Math Night -2nd and 4th Performances

We had another successful night at Hollis Academy.  The 2nd and 4th Grade classes performed beautifully!   The performance was appreciated by all.   Then everybody was sent to the classrooms to construct math games. Parents were in a classroom watching a presentation of what math looks like with our Common Core Curriculum, and the children were in another classroom playing math games.What a great time our families had! We had a full house of parents, relatives, and community members supporting our children with these fun activities.  They played games, learned new strategies in math and also had the opportunity to take games home.  We would like to thank everyone for coming to support our school at math night.. 


Several Ladies from the Mary Alice Gibson Garden Club came to our school and worked really hard in renovating our School Courtyard.  First they cleaned, collecting several bags of leaves.  Then they proceeded to get to work.  Now where there was nothing we have beautiful bird houses, step stones, and other figures that make our courtyard look impressive.  They also provided us with some big planters located next to our benches.  They did a splendid job and now our courtyard looks fabulous.

School Report Card
You may access our new School Report Card document here.