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Greenville Middle IS ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS-Virtual Tour


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All 5th grade students and their families are invited to visit Greenville Middle Academy. 

Call Dr. Anderson at 355-5613 and set up a time for your personal tour of the school.

Address:  339 Lowndes Avenue, Greenville, SC 29607

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I-385 NORTH:  Take I-385 N to Hwy 291 North (Pleasantburg Drive) exit.  Turn right onto N. Pleasantburg.  Go to the second traffic light and turn left onto E. North Street.  One block before the second traffic light, turn left onto Keith Drive.  Go 1 block and turn right onto Perrin Street.  Go 1 block and turn left onto Lowndes Avenue.  School is on the right.

E. NORTH STREET:  From Taylors, take E. North Street towards downtown Greenville.  Cross Pleasantburg Drive.  One block before the second traffic light, turn left onto Keith Drive.  Go 1 block and turn right onto Perrin Street.  Go 1 block and turn left onto Lowndes Avenue.  School is on the right.

DOWNTOWN:  From Downtown Greenville, Take E. North Street towards I-385 S.  Before getting on I-385, exit at Laurens Road (Hwy 276) exit.  Turn left onto Stone Avenue (Hwy 276).  At second traffic light turn right onto E. North Street.  Go to second traffic light.  Go 1 more block and turn right onto Keith Drive.  Go 1 block and turn right onto Perrin Street.  Go 1 block and turn left onto Lowndes Avenue.  School is on the right



Select Schools Application Process

This year's application process will be conducted online through the Greenville County Schools website.  Parents may submit an application by logging on to  Please note that this online application link will not be active until Monday, November 6.  Parents may submit an application to more than one Select School.

Our Magnet Program

Greenville Middle School Academy of Traditional Studies offers a strong interdisciplinary curriculum as a choice for Greenville County students.  The academic program encompasses diverse, academically challenging opportunities focusing on reading, writing, and vocabulary development as a means of accessing, organizing, and communicating knowledge in all subject areas to prepare adolescents to become motivated, self-directed, confident, life-long learners in a changing technological world.

The interdisciplinary curriculum emphasizes academic excellence.  The five core academic classes and the related arts classes stress Writing Across the Curriculum.  The Writing Lab offers technological support as students incorporate the writing process, editing, publishing, and graphic art across the subject areas.  Vocabulary development is enhanced through a study of Latin Roots in all literature classes.  Students have opportunities to develop as readers and as writers by reading exemplary adolescent literature and discussing that literature with the authors in classroom discussion groups.  Students receive high school credit for Spanish I, Algebra I, English I, and Geometry.  The instructional program also provides authentic learning experiences as students focus on research and field experiences which enhance learning. 

Special Features

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the curriculum at Greenville Middle School different from other middle schools?

All public schools are responsible for teaching the Standards as outlined by the South Carolina State Department of Education. We are tested on those at the end of the year (PACT). The difference is in our focus or how we teach the standards. We know that language is how we gain new information, how we organize to think about information, and how we communicate what we have learned. We teach the standards in an integrated way using language to learn, think and communicate in all curricular areas. All students learn Latin and Greek stems to enhance vocabulary development. All subjects and technology are integrated to help students see connections and relationships between the subjects.

2. What makes Greenville Middle such a good school?

That is a difficult question to answer-four things really.

1. The students. They are bright, eager, accepting, and supportive. There is a long tradition of academic excellence at Greenville Middle, so that is our culture. We have all types of students who get along with each other and who respect each other's differences.

2. The administration. They are visible and accessible. The school day is well organized with administrators as well as teachers working to insure things run smoothly.

3. The academic program. Our magnet focus is sound. What we do is teach children how to access the world, how to think about issues from many sides, how to create new knowledge, and how to communicate effectively in a variety of formats. That's what learning is-now and for the rest of their lives.

4. The faculty. I can say that in my 35-year experience in public education, I have never seen a stronger and more committed faculty assembled under one roof. That makes all the difference, because in the classroom is where it happens.

3. What is the lottery system and how does it work?

Select Schools accept students based on the number of available slots after homebased students are enrolled. Often more students apply for a magnet program than there are available slots. When this happens, students' names are placed in a lottery. The lottery is used to determine the order in which students with the same score are accepted. School personnel draw names and number students until all names are chosen. All students with 30 points will have names drawn determine the order of acceptance. Then 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24 point names will be drawn, creating a prioritized list of students to be accepted. The school accepts as many students as the School District instructs, beginning with number 1 and moving down the lottery drawing list. All other students are placed on a waiting list. As accepted students decline their spots, or as spots become otherwise available, the Magnet Coordinator calls students in order from the waiting list.

4. How are applications scored?

All middle school Select Schools look at the same criteria-attendance, grades, discipline, teacher recommendations, and student statement. Points are awarded for each and the scores are totaled. The maximum score is 30 and the minimum qualifying score is 24. Each application is scored by a committee of readers.

Tour Information

Individual tours are available at parent request and vary according to parent concerns and question. They most often take from 45 minutes to an hour. I encourage you to come during the school day so you can see our school in operation. You may want to bring your child to see how things operate as well. To set up a convenient time call Linda Anderson at 241-4784 or email


"I would regard my eighth grade and only year at Greenville Middle Academy as nothing short of the major turning point in my young life.  Greenville Middle Academy has a communal, supporting, positive, challenging, and infectious spirit that wafts down each hall, bringing out the best in the students willing to stop and perceive the aroma of academics.  All of the teachers and administrators give each child an opportunity to succeed in his or her middle school years.  The upbeat and community-oriented feelings of GMA form an exemplary educational institution unmatched by any private or public school that I have personally ever attended.  For a well-rounded middle school education of academics, character values, and life skills, I would unequivocally recommend Greenville Middle Academy"  Christopher Washnock

Magnet Information for Eighth Grade Students

Eighth grade students who are interested in applying to a magnet high school should follow these steps.


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