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GCSD Parent Portal

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Greenville County Schools’ Parent Portal, an online gateway for parents to information about their child’s education, has re-opened for the 2008-09 school year. The site, which had been temporarily closed to update student assignment information, has received over 27,000 visits since it launched last February.

Parent Portal allows parents to check class schedules, view report card grades, contact their child‘s teacher, and more! Click on a teacher’s name – not just in the directory but even in the schedule of classes or in the list of grades – and zap, an e-mail pops up for a message to the teacher.

Parents can view their child’s daily grades and standardized tests scores, including a graph that shows their child’s scores compared to their school’s average scores. Parent Portalalso allows parents to verify important emergency information, including medical conditions, emergency contacts, and notes about their child’s special needs.

All data is protected with the highest industry encryption software, from student info to IDs and passwords. The system requires each school to validate a parent/guardian’s status before access is granted to student data.