Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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Upcoming Events

  • Math Tangram Activity

  • Walk to School Day

  • Fire Prevention Week

  • The Treasure Trove of Conservation Cove

  • Miles for Moms

  • The Bully Who Called Boy

  • PEP Reading Night 2014


2nd GradeTesting

CogAT Testing    Dates:   October 22-24, 2014
IOWA Testing     Dates:   October 28-29, 2014

Your child will be involved in the District testing program on the above listed dates. This is a reminder to parents that we need your cooperation so that students will perform to the best of their ability.  The test results will be included in your child’s records.

  1. Please see that your child gets plenty of rest on the nights before these tests.
  2. Please see that your child eats a nourishing breakfast on the morning of these tests.
  3. Please make every effort to have your child in school and on time.
  4. Please see that your child brings to school at least two#2 pencils. They are required for marking test answer sheets.

The Treasure Trove of Conservation Cove

Ahoy again from The National Theatre for Children & The Treasure Trove of Conservation Cove: A Pirate's Tale! Here's an update on how your school is doing in our X Marks the Kit contest.


So far this year, your school has signed up for 41 free Treasure Kits!

Sign up for your free kit

Shiver me timbers! Thanks for all your efforts to save energy and resources by signing up for your free kits!

Remember - once your school reaches 75 unique sign-ups for the free Treasure Kit, your school will win classroom materials valued at over $200 AND be entered into a drawing for a 
$10,000 cash prize! Two $10,000 drawings will take place - one on December 17th, 2014 and the other on July 1st, 2015.    

Candy War


We are starting to collect candy for the Fall Carnival. Please send in bags of individually wrapped candy to be given out at the carnival. The class that brings in the most candy by Oct. 31st will receive 5 free tickets per student to use at the carnival. 

Zumba Night @ Brook Glenn

The Dancing Divas present a community event.
Zumba Night  

Sponsored by Shape Shifters
When: October 23rd, 2014
Brook Glenn Elementary Cafeteria
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
$8 In Advance; $10 At the door
Proceeds will go towards Brook Glenn's Dancing Divas Uniforms

Click here for more information ....

Taylors Fire Dept. visited Brook Glenn Elementary for Fire Prevention Week.  Fire Prevention Week was October 5–11 and the week’s focus on the value of fire safety was smoke alarms. Click here to find out more ...
Wednesday, Oct 8 was Walk to School Day at Brook Glenn! We don't have a lot of student's walking to school so we planned a time where the entire school walked the track to promote health and wellnessClick here to find out more ...
Our kindergarten artists took a look at artist, Piet Mondrian, and studied his artwork. We looked specifically at his artwork influenced by Cubism.  Click here to find out more ...
For this artwork, 1st grade artists looked at various images of trees and discussed the different types of line they saw. They also talked about the different directions the lines traveled and how that changed the way the trees looked.  Click here to find out more ...
2nd grade artists looked at several different artists and studied different types of line and line direction in their artwork. Click here to find out more ...
For this artwork, 3rd grade artists studied artwork by Vincent van Gogh and Claud Monet and discussed the types of line used to create a landscape. Click here to find out more ...
4th Grade artists looked at artwork by Vincent van Gogh and Andrew Wyeth and discussed how their use of line expressed different feelings in each work of art. Click here to find out more ...

5th grade artists took a look at the artwork of Heather Galler. They discussed her career as an artist in New York.  Click here to find out more ...
On Monday, September 29th, The National Theatre for Children visited Brook Glenn Elementary to perform The Treasure Trove of Conservation Cove: A Pirate’s Tale. Click here to find out more ...
The Boy Who Cried Bully is a play about Nate, a typical third-grader who loves playing outside with friends, adding comic relief to Miss Thurgood's class and telling tall tales. Click here to find out more ...