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  Beck Academy Faculty and Staff by Name
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Ahart, Antonina   Resource
Alexander, Kelli 7th Science

Anderson, Mike

  Physical Education
Ankenman, Jan 7th Math
Bagwell, Sherry   DIF
Baker, Brittany 8th Social Studies
Barnes, Ashlee   Career Development Facilitator
Baxter, Brooke 8th Science
Beaver, Stephanie   School Counselor
Blanchard, Heather   OT/PT
Boodle, Suzanne   School Nurse
Bowman, Nancy 7th/8th Math
Bricker, Dr. Brodie   Principal
Butler, Horace 8th Math
Cannarozzi, PattiAnn    Guidance Clerk
Carter, Gina 6th Social Studies/Language Arts
Clerc, Patricia   Guidance Counselor
Cline, Donna   TMD Special Education
Conti, Noel 6th Math
Dameron, Beth 8th Math
Delzo, Maria   Food Service  
Dixon, Charles   Custodian  
Dysinger, Amanda   Career Development
Eckles, Chance   Science
Eudy, Regina 6th Science
Fazzone, Sarah J. 6th Science
Ferguson, Candace 7th Language Arts
Fowler, Crystal RA Art
Garret, Zelphia   Food Service  
Garrett, Elizabeth   Speech
Gogul, Michelle 8th Math Tutorial
Gomez, Lucy   Custodian  
Hall, Blythe   Special Education Aid
Harding, Kristi   Special Education Othopedic SC
Hart, Anne   Computer Technology
Jackson, Donna   Special Education HHR/HHSC
Jacobs, Marion 7th/8th Language Arts
Johnson, Jacquline   Special Education Aide
Johnson, Lyndon   Clinical Day Program  
Judd, Mandy 8th Social Studies  
Kripinski, Sara Beth 6th Math
Lambert, Richard   Resource
Laney, Kathy   Food Service  
Leopard, Toni RA Physical Education
Ligon, Tom   Plant Engineer
McAlister, Robert   School Resource Officer
McCutcheon, Lynn   Secretary
McDaine, Iris   Food Service  
McDaniel, Marie   Food Service  
McGowan, Dondie   Clinical Day Program
Merchant, Bernadette 7th Science
Moore, Jim 6th Social Studies
Moore, Sharon   Custodian  
Myron, Celia   Food Services Manager
Nalesnik, Kim   TMD Special Education Aide
Norton, Darryn 7th Social Studies
Osborne, Sarah 6th Math
O'Shields, Michelle RA French
Polin, Jenn 8th Language Arts
Poole, Sue   Library Media Center Clerk
Posey, Celeste   Clinical Day Program
Rivardo, Chris 7th Social Studies
Roberts, Teddy   Custodian  
Robinson, Kathy RA Strings
Rohlf, Alison 8th Reading Tutorial
Royal, Shannon 6th Language Arts
Salter, Charles   Custodian  
Sanders, Debbie   Instructional Coach
Schumacher, Mary Jane   Resource
Sciortina, Josie   Custodian  
Sharps, Ron 7th Social Studies
Sherrill, Rob 6th Social Studies
Sledge, Valerie   Special Education Aide  
Smith, Ashleigh 8th Language Arts
Smith, Carolyn 6th Math/Science
Smith, Sarah   Resource
Spitzmiller, Billy 7th Math
Steen, Pam   Attendance
Strickland, Charles 7th Administrator
Toledano, Pam 6th Science
Tweed, Vicki 8th Administrator
Walton, Carol   Special Education Aide
Waseleski, Allegra   Special Education Aide  
Whiteside, Barbara RA Keyboarding
Williams, Jocelyn   ESOL
Wilomovsky, Hope 7th Science
Yon, Jason RA Chorus



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