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“What Liberty Means to Me”

Click for big pictureJean (pronounced John) Concepcion, a fifth grade student at Cherrydale Elementary School was given a certificate of achievement award for placing in the 2006 “What Liberty Means to Me” essay contest sponsored by the Greenville County School District.  Mr. Charles White, Jean’s teacher, encouraged all of his students to write an essay and submitted Jean’s for entry into the contest.

“What Liberty Means to Me”

I can't imagine how horrible it is not having to do that same stuff as whites, not going to the same school you want to go, not able to defend you own self, ant not being able to drink out of the water fountain that you wnat to drink out of.  Also, I can't imagine not being able to play with your best friend because he's white or not being able to go to your favorite park because it is only for white people.  Not being able to sit where you want to sit in a restaurant would have been very frustrating.   I can't imagine people getting beat up without defending themselves.  I like that I can go to the school I want to go.  I'm happy that when I go to a restaurant I can sit where ever I want to sit.  If I didn't have the freedom I have now, I would probably have old clothes and I'd be tired because I'd have to walk 5 miles to school hungry and I would not like it if I was treated that way.   I don't think that anybody would be happy without freedom.  This is what Liberty means to me.

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